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6 Different Display Types at Trade Shows

Posted by Paul McPeake on 11/17/16 4:22 PM

Trade shows are an essential aspect of a healthy marketing strategy as they present the opportunity for your business to develop and expand relationships through face-to-face marketing. The brand exposure generated from exhibiting at an expo not only introduces you to consumers, but to the experts in your industry. However, when it comes to capturing someone’s attention, there’s no space more competitive than the exhibit hall at a convention.

One way to set yourself apart from the competition is choosing displays that best portray and highlight your goods or services. Check out this list of trending display options that companies are using at trade shows around the world to see which ones are best suited for your business:

1. Tension Fabric Displays

fabric tension.jpg

The Tension Fabric Displays are extremely easy to repurpose, clean, and travel with. All you need to repurpose the display for a different product is a replacement the fabric with a new graphic that can be used on the same frame. To clean the exhibit display, you just need to remove the fabric and wipe away any dust or debris picked up at your last event. Mobility won’t be a problem, as the metal frame is collapsible and folds in on itself, making it easy to install and tear down at any size show.Just as the name suggests, this display uses a polyester fabric that’s pulled taught and zipped shut around a metal frame. The graphic is printed on the front side of the fabric, and when stretched, it makes a convex shape creating a 3D effect for the design. There are also fabric displays that can be designed on more than one side, and even displayed overhead with a canopied satellite display.

2. Modular Truss Exhibits

modular truss-1117.jpg

The Modular Truss Exhibits are large displays supported by two beams serving as the frame, and are easily customizable to any exhibit design. Truss displays have become a popular staple for every trade show due to their ability to be modified, reshaped and organized in a variety of different arrangements. The best part is that no tools are required for assembly. Each section can be twisted on and off with your hands making Modular Truss Exhibits the easiest to fit any sized booth you’re exhibiting in. The graphic banners are then hung from the frame and can be swapped out similar to the Tension Fabric Displays for any future shows.

3. Hop-Up Displays

hop up display.jpg

Hop-Up Displays are by far the easiest display to get started with. Their lightweight aluminum framework is collapsible which makes them very convenient to transport, and they can be assembled in mere seconds. Spruce up your display with the add-on options like the floor graphic mats or front countertops for quick handouts. The back can also be designed and displayed in a variety of different ways, one being through tension fabric, which can bend into different shapes depending on how customizable your frame may be. Another is PVC plastic-based substrates, which is made of a rigid material that allows for more vibrant colors in your graphics. The PVC is less customizable than the tension fabric, but is much more durable and appears larger and grander on the floor.

The Hop-Up Displays also come in different shapes so you can pick the one that best represents your product. There are the classic straight-edged displays that folds up like an accordion, and then the curved forms which bend either inwards or outwards depending on your display purpose. In addition, there are serpentine hop-ups that expand into an S-like shape, and lastly, the gullwing displays which are two inwardly curved displays positioned next to each other. The serpentine and gullwing require more space than the straight and curved displays, but offer the best opportunity to personalize the display for your exhibit.

4. Backlit Displays

backlit display-1.jpg

A way to popular tool to enhance your exposure on the floor is through lighting. The Backlit Display illuminates the back wall of the display to highlight the marketing message and create a positive, warm atmosphere in your booth. It also allows you to feature your brand in the best light and boost the impact of your graphics on display. This tactic is often implemented for movie promotional graphics because they provide a sense of epicness, which caters to that audience. For double-sided displays, use a material with slight transparency so the lighting effect can apply to both views of the stand.

5. Multimedia Displays


Multimedia Displays use digital screens to display interactive content and are available across many different media platforms.Display a single large screen or a group of monitors to play promotional videos, photos or a product demo to attract people from the aisles into your booth. There are also interactive kiosks which are very useful in increasing engagement in your booth and educating attendees on your products or initiatives. Individuals to stay in one spot for a longer period of time to interact with the display, creating the opportunity for your booth staff to introduce themselves and provide more information on your product. Multimedia Displays are also the easiest to reuse because the content is digital.

6. Hanging Displays

hanging display.png

Promoting above the competition provides a significant boost to your exposure as you’re able to get in front of everyone on the trade show floor. Hanging Displays are strung with thin wires from the ceiling like a chandelier and positioned above your exhibit so attendees know where to find you. These displays come in all different shapes, most popularly being rectangular, elliptical, and tubular figures. In each shape, the graphics face outward on all sides, and some display downwards too to improve their visual coverage.

Catering the displays to your product is essential when it comes to choosing your exhibit style for your next trade show. Determining the number of displays to use will depend on your floor plan, and the amount to invest should be tied to your ROI goals for the show. The best exhibits use a mixture of display types to portray products in the best way possible.

Measuring has become more accurate through data analytic technology to measure this return on investment with more certainty. In the end, it all depends on what your company feels is the greatest way to present your product to a large group of people.

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