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A Newbie’s Experience with Scanalytics and Consumer Behavior Tech

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 2/17/15 7:18 AM

Customer purchase journey in action

As a newcomer to Scanalytics Inc., the task of learning the ropes of the consumer behavior industry seemed daunting at first. However, as my first week came to a close, I found my groove surprisingly fast and am already in a much more knowledgeable position than I was a week ago. I am fascinated by all of the new information and impressed with the group of intelligent and talented people that help make it work. Just in my first week, the team has already broken new ground in development of retail analytics by increasing the viewable details in their client dashboard, allowing users to observe more in-depth information on their customers’ behavior. As I continue to expand my knowledge of this industry, I am excited to watch and participate as this unique technology takes flight.

The consumer behavior and tracking industry is a vast universe of never before considered insights waiting to be unlocked. Whether it’s tracking the number of customers arriving at a retail store, or measuring the amount of potential customers actually interacting with one’s company, the consumer behavior and tracking industry contains infinite opportunities for brands to interact and build better relationships with their customers.

Scanalytics Inc., headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become one of the top contenders in this swiftly growing industry. Their tool of choice is the SoleSensor, a floor sensor that collects data in the form of foot traffic, which allows companies to monitor how many customers they are receiving per day. The SoleSensor’s abilities don’t stop there, however. On top of collecting the number of visitors, it tracks the amount of time a customer remains on the sensor (stationary or moving), and can tell how much time lapses between movements, which in turn can calculate their interest in a given product. Users can also see when physical traffic peaks through the online Dashboard, enabling more strategic and successful business plans.

The SoleSensor is easily applicable to any industry with a physical footprint. Retail stores can use it to track the overall daily traffic in their stores. Conferences and large or small events can discover the popularity of specific areas or booths. Even hospitals and healthcare providers have found a use for the SoleSensor, applying it to entrances and specific areas of patient rooms to ensure optimal care and accident prevention.

Scanalytics Inc. states firmly that it is not the hardware that it sells to its clients but the information the SoleSensors yield. That is, the number of customers who have entered a retail store, the number of times guests interacted with a booth at a trade show, or the number of times a nurse has stopped by to check on a patient, are all potential data pieces that Scanalytics delivers to its clients. The possibilities are endless as Scanalytics tirelessly works to continuously evolve this technology.

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