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Detailed Analytics of Customer Flow 

Posted by Jason Prigge on 2/2/18 1:31 PM

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Smart Floors Deliver Detailed Analytics of Customer Flow in a Business Space

Data-driven decision-making delivers ROI

According to McKinsey & Company, data analytics has the potential to increase net retailer margins by as much as 60%. 

Brick-and-mortar businesses—from retailers to event venues, healthcare facilities, hotels, and commercial spaces—can derive significant advantages from gathering and analyzing data about consumer behavior patterns and the customer journey. 

Analyzing foot traffic delivers business insights

Understanding foot traffic is one of the most valuable insights for any brick-and-mortar retailer, event exhibitor, building manager, or other business that interacts with customers in a physical space. Tracking customer movement within a pyhsical space to develop detailed heat maps provides visibility into the experiences your customers are having. Armed with accurate insights about the customer experience, businesses can optimize every aspect of their operations. 

For example, a detailed analysis of foot traffic can help a retailer understand whether their displays are working to increase sales. Foot traffic analysis can inform the business owner which products receive the most attention in order to optimize placement. For exhibitors at trade shows, analyzing foot traffic can reveal whether their messages are connecting with visitors. Analytics can help businesses understand wait times to optimize staff schedules and help building managers maximize energy efficiency.

IoT Intelligence at every step

Scanalytics SoleSensor is an intelligent floor sensor that anonoymously tracks every step a customer or visitor takes. This data is processed in the cloud and sent to end users via data dashboards for analysis. Smart gateways powered by Intel® technology provide edge analysis that leads to real-time insights and alerts.




Learn how your company can achieve compelling returns when you measure, analyze and make informed decisions. 

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Floor sensors rise as retail data source

Posted by Jason Prigge on 1/29/18 9:54 AM


Measure. Analyze. Make Informed Decisions. 

Scanalytics Inc. was recently featured across national media for its innovative floor sensors that anonymously read a customer’s unique foot impressions and track that person’s entrances, exits, engagements and dwell time within retail, commercial and event spaces. Based on data collected over time, the floor sensors provide a retailer with valuable insight that can be applied to making informed decisions about store layout, staffing and promotions. The sensors can also be used in office buildings to optimize resources and reduce energy costs, to maximize tradeshow ROI, and in nursing homes to alert staff when residents step out of bed. 

In the case of brick-and-mortar stores, they are actively undertaking measures to better understand consumer habits in an effort to offset the impact of online retailers. 

Wheel and Sprocket (Wisconsin-based bicycle retailer) employs SoleSensors at store entrances to determine the number of customers entering each of its eight stores to help schedule staff. “That’s our biggest variable expense,” said co-owner Noel Kegel. “That sort of makes or breaks our profitability.” Additional data colleciton options he would like to implement in the future include measuring where customers spend most of their time and what products are popular. 

Learn how your company can win with data-based decisions. 

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Visualizing the World Accurately

Posted by Jason Prigge on 1/10/18 6:14 PM


Applying spatial intelligence to visualizing the interior world more accurately allows you to understand your physical space in ways never before imaginable. Technology that measures the key metrics of spatial navigation and path integration of building occupants provides deep insight into predictive behavior analytics and occupancy recognition. 


When applied, this valuable data allows the managers of physical environments to more fully understand their spaces by unlocking insights into under-used assets and opportunities for maximizing square footage layout. The knowledge gained by objectively and anonymously measuring people, how they move through spaces and what they do in the spaces they occupy can be leveraged to make more-informed business decisions and provide better customer experiences.


In addition to revealing insights about movements, paths, engagements and general use, in the future, cutting-edge floor sensing technology will be applied to spatial enablement to reduce energy use in commercial buildings, thereby contributing to significantly improving energy efficiency by algorithmically broadcasting collected data to issue setbacks to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and lighting systems.


Are you ready to learn more about how this leading technology can help you more accurately visualize the usage of your space and increase your ROI? As a leader in spatial science, Scanalytics Inc. measures human motion trajectories to better understand journeys within and through spaces in an effort to create intelligent interior environments.


Let’s talk today. Book a 15-minute call at a time convenient to you. You’ll understand why Scanalytics Inc. was recognized by Cisco as the provider of the Best Smart Building Technology at Viva Technology in Paris, France.

 Learn how your company can more accurately visualize the usage of your space and increase your ROI.

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Maximizing Presence Detection in Retail Environments

Posted by Jason Prigge on 12/21/17 1:46 PM


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