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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Brand Experiences with Digital Screen Media

Posted by KristiMKE on 11/5/14 6:40 AM

Highlights from the 2014 Digital Screenmedia Association Symposium

On Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014, decision makers from top brands, agencies and technology providers gathered at the Dallas Arboretum in Dallas, Texas for the 2014 Digital Screenmedia Association Symposium: Connected Experiences.

In this post, we are bringing you a selection of best practices and insights from this year's DSA Symposium, pointing out what works, what doesn’t, and what tomorrow looks like across a variety of technologies. 


Digital Screen Media Association Symposium 2014

Communicating is easy. Connecting is hard. Connect with consumers in a meaningful way through their motivations. The message has to cater to the consumer’s motivation. What helps are technologies that allow us to better listen to the voice of the consumer.

– Shelley Pisarra, 
Senior Director, Shopper Insights & Analytics
 at PepsiCo-Frito Lay

Digital screen media are becoming to be viewed by architects and designers as a key part of the toolkit for creating branded experiences, and have moved beyond being seen as useful primarily for point-of-sale advertising or wayfinding.

– Justin Molloy
, Director of Education at 
Society for Experiential Graphic Design

The most immersive branded experiences in physical spaces are created when designers take part in the same discussions with marketers and technology providers and all collaborate to achieve a common, defined objective.

– Matt Schmitt, 
President & Co-Founder at 

Do not limit customers to one approach or screen. Offer your audience as many avenues of engagement as possible and let them to choose which way to they would like to interact with your brand.

– Tom LaPlante, Chief Information Officer at TopGolf

Customers should never have to wait in line to give you money.

– Greg Clore, Vice President, Information Technology at Dave & Buster's Inc.

When it comes to analytics and taking advantage of data, it starts with these questions: What do you want to understand and what would you like to change? If you don’t know what you would like to get out of your analytics, it will be nothing more than nice-to-have information.

– Matt McCoy, COO & Co-Founder at Scanalytics Inc.

There is a problem in how retail companies are organized. If the organization of departments, flow of information and processes changed, we would have the power to transform retail into more agile forms, unify all brand touch points and create connected experiences.

– Ethan Whitehill, CEO at Two West

Omnichannel is the latest evolution of a wrong idea. Channels are a fundamentally wrong way to think about retail. It is just a way of explaining why the retail experience sucks.

– Jim Crawford, Chief Experience Officer at Chute Gerdeman

Although technology certainly takes pressure off of retail sales staff, it’s critical for retailers to understand that personal engagement with customers adds value and brings customers into stores. Having a customer download an app is not the same thing as establishing a relationship with them that encourages loyalty to the brand. 

– Margot Myers, Director, Global Marketing & Communications at Platt Retail Institute

The best display is when the “shelf” disappears and the product comes to focus.

– Ron Bowers, SVP Business Development at Frank Mayer and Associates


Upcoming Consumer Engagement Events 

Interested in further discussion about consumer engagement and best practices for employing technology to enhance physical environments? Catch Scanalytics Inc. and 200+ industry leaders at the DSA Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square in New York on Wednesday, November 5th, 2014. 

We will be also present at the DSA booth at Consumer Engagement World at the Javits Convention Center in the morning on Thursday, November 6th. If you will be attending any of these events and would like to connect, leave us a comment below or send us a message via our contact form.


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