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Digital "Screenmedia": Emerging Engagement Solutions for Retail

Posted by Joe Scanlin on 4/8/14 10:53 AM

Retailers have certainly experienced some of the most dramatic changes in industry history. With the onslaught of their internet counterparts driving convenience and speed to retail purchase decisions, physical retailers are looking for ways to adapt more dynamic environments to influence conversions in-store.

One of the most effective methods retailers are turning to is the use of digital screenmedia. Digital screenmedia includes the deployment of customer engagement technologies such as digital signage, kiosks, wayfinders and interactive end-aisle-displays. These allow the retailer to imitate the benefits of online shopping by providing an improvement in customer experience, speed, order/information accuracy, timeliness and labor savings. Although this innovation will drive an improvement in the customer experience for consumers in brick and mortar shops, a continued unadulterated understanding of how these devices are being used will be critical to their success.

Scanalytics has worked very intimately with this new movement in customer experience and we have helped multiple brands gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their usage. The seamless integration of Scanalytics' SoleSenor technology has provided thorough insights that have both increased revenues and cut costs for retailers using digital screenmedia. We quickly provided answers to questions like:

How long do I have to get my message across?

How long are people willing to wait for another user to finish their session?

How many people walked by without even using it?

How much total time were users engaged?

These answers were directly translated into actionable insights that had powerful implications. For example, from understanding how long the brand had to get their message across, mixed with how long people were willing to wait for other users, we derived the perfect "window" for them to deliver their message. This allowed them to increase the amount of users engaged with the product, and decrease churn involved with users waiting for others to be finished. Our technology provides a crucial component of the customer experience ecosystem, and by implementing our easy-to-use platform, retailers and brands can finally adapt their environments to better serve their customers.

customer engagement, digital kiosk, customer analyticscustomer engagement, digital kiosk, customer analytics

An easy way to visualize the concept and power behind "closing the loop" and effectively understanding how self-service devices are being used in the store is looking at the images above. The images portray very common utilizations of customer engagement platforms like digital kiosks and self-service units. At a glance, it could be assumed that they are being used, so they must be effective. What if you could peel back the proverbial "onion" and really understand how they are being used instead of the simple fact that they are being used?

Below are two images of the same scenario, this time referring to the Scanalytics platform. Using the Scanalytics Reporting functions, we can very quickly see two different stories. At first, we may have thought since there are so many people around the kiosks, that they are a hit, when in fact, the analysis tells us otherwise. The first report drawn shows a quick look at how many "visitors" the kiosk received, in comparison with how many users were actually "engaged" (and thus qualified). There was a lot of activity, but a small percentage of it was truly effective activity. A simple addition of an "attention grabbing" video could be added to draw in the users and influence them to use it.


After taking action on the insights Scanalytics' platform can provide, we can see a positive transformation to the activity around the kiosk:


Far more users engaged with the kiosk once the owner responded to the insights Scanalytics provided. More engagements led to more sales, more satisfied customers, and an empowered environment. Learn how Scanalytics can empower your environment, check out our Contact page and drop us a line!