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Interactive Exhibits: Engaging with Trade Show Traffic

Posted by KristiMKE on 4/16/14 6:36 AM


Digital technology discussion in exhibition booth - Scanalytics blog Digital technology discussion in exhibition booth

Exhibiting at trade shows is an extremely valuable opportunity for your business. You’ll meet hundreds of people in a few short days, and be on your feel for hours on end attempting to engage each guest that visits your booth. Our team recently attended SXSW Interactive and had the chance to meet many exciting businesses. Unfortunately, there were a handful of exhibits that were understaffed or not staffed at all! I still grabbed a handout if available to research later, but missed out on the interactive experience you expect at an event.

What if you could monitor this traffic to optimize the performance of your space? Save yourself the anxiety of missing leads when you need to run and grab a snack by receiving real-time alerts when a guest enters your booth. Feel comfortable visiting that exhibit around the corner, and still have eyes on your home-base at all times.

Sounds too good to be true? Scanalytics offers this real-time solution for live traffic analysis in your trade show space. Receive notifications immediately when your booth is approached, as well as the total traffic number of guests throughout the event. This data is analyzed for you and interpreted into clear reports in your online dashboard. Through the continued use of this platform, Scanalytics analyzes how long people are willing to wait for you to return so you can know just how far and how long you can travel outside of your space without losing an opportunity in the process.


Busy exhibit hall with flowing traffic - Scanalytics blog Busy exhibit hall with flowing traffic

There are also those double-edged sword situations where your booth is so busy, you might miss a chance to meet a visitor while conversing with another. With the customizable alerting system, you can notify colleagues meandering the event to come back when occupancy reaches a certain limit. For deeper insights, expand analysis throughout the whole booth to see where people are visiting, how long they are staying there, and the routes they take for a clear visual of traffic flow. This allows you to analyze which messages are being successfully delivered and where information goes unnoticed to effectively improve your marketing strategy.

Understanding consumer behavior in your arena is the fundamental key to productive communication. Accurately measure foot traffic by the step to optimize visitor experiences for active engagement with your brand. Get the most out of your event by making sure guests leave with the information you’re exhibiting, the experience you’re creating and the relationship you’ve developed.

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