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Kiosks - Advantageously Serving Retailers

Posted by KristiMKE on 4/9/14 7:49 AM


There are many reasons why you’re running into kiosks around every corner; my personal favorite, convenience, being among them. Contrary to popular belief, cost is no longer a deal breaker for this investment! Surely you’ll pay a pretty penny for prime location in an airport, but you can now acquire a basic kiosk for under a thousand dollars that can work around the clock for you in-store.

Scanalytics Blog: Kiosks - Advantageously Serving Retailers Interior of a small business retailer.

SMBs are now catching on and profiting on these experiences in the process. As a retailer, everyone is competing for the same customers’ business, and the market grows increasingly more difficult to retain and attract each day. Equip your store with those influential tools that keep guests satisfied and returning.

Having consumers in store is one thing, but keeping them engaged is a whole other battle. As they’re considering your product, they might also be browsing your competitor's website to see where the deal is to be made. And can you blame them when they’re only two doors down? Better yet, interact with them digitally to capture their attention and incentivize their purchase here and now. Not only is it more engaging, but also a more memorable experience and modern image for your brand.

Kiosks also serve as a reliable cover for those rush periods when your team is vastly outnumbered by customers. Instead of losing business out of their frustration, allow them to get answers quickly and efficiently through your interactive display. With direct access to this resource, staffing costs can be reduced while maintaining or exceeding the same level of customer service.


Scanalytics Blog: Kiosks - Advantageously Serving Retailers Retail kiosk located at the entrance of an SMB.

In addition, marketing efforts can also be delivered easily and on a recurring basis through your kiosk system. Advertise campaigns, specials or clearance items you’d like to push to increase their visibility and reach for customers. You’re also able to sustain consistency in your brand identity while saving money on marketing materials that constantly need to be reprinted. A big concern might be around time commitment of managing this content, but there are many helpful programs out there to format and schedule this information for you. Content can also be updated at your preference, be it a handful of times a day to only once a month.

Managing the operation and effectiveness of your kiosk will be most easily handled by those who keep up with the analytics around their system. Test out a couple high-traffic areas to discover the optimal placement in your store. User experience should also be observed to make sure the program is intuitive for end-users to operate. The more of an inviting atmosphere you create around and with your kiosk, the more interaction it will develop from the environment it serves.

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