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Retail Entrances: What's Happening at the Door

Posted by KristiMKE on 4/11/14 5:38 AM

When walking through your local mall, are you ever lured off track by an interesting store? Maybe it’s been there for years or only weeks, but somehow suddenly becoming a contender in your shopping endeavor. What was it that drew you in? Retailers are increasingly challenged with the acquisition of new customers as competition heats up in the online and offline world.

At the end of the day, the business that best understands the consumers needs will win the sale. Whether it be quality, price, reputation or experience, marketers must speak directly to their target audience and illustrate how they’re the best-suited choice for their purchase. As experts in consumer behavior analytics, Scanalytics works with retailers to pinpoint exactly where they might be falling short on attracting customers into their stores at point-of-entry. The SoleSensor technology goes beyond measuring by deriving actionable insights from the data instantaneously. These findings are presented and available for easy implementation and adjustments to your evolving marketing strategy.


Consumer behavior insights at store entrance - Scanalytics Shoppers looking into a new store entrance

New customers are not the only one’s influenced by your entrance presentation. Retaining your customers base is crucial to your success as brand loyalty needs to be unceasingly earned, even among your most consistent consumers. With every new customer you acquire that’s one lost for competition, and you need to stay on the front-end of this battle.

By implementing the innovative Scanalytics solution, you gain the competitive edge to understand and improve the atmosphere surrounding your store front. The Scanalytics SoleSensor has proven 98% accurate on foot traffic analytics by answering these heavy questions afflicting retailers:

How many people come in and leave my store

Average number of people in my store at a time

How many people hesitate at my door and whether they decide to come in

How many people are wandering by my door and whether we capture their attention

Pace in which people enter or leave my store

These metrics provide valuable insight into the customers mind when they’re approached with your brand. Scanalytics collects, tests and validates the assumptions around the emotional association with your store. Compare data across days, sales and campaigns to determine which strategies prove most successful.

For deeper insights on your entrance activity, expand analytics into the physical store. This allows you to measure what is happening in the store at the moment of their approach, and whether they decide to enter. Whether it be a long line at checkout, a wait by the dressing rooms, or their general interest in visible offerings, all of this information can be considered and should be examined for optimal environment settings.

The SoleSensor technology is available for product displays, digital screenmedia, aisles, counters and walkways. All deployments can be customized for your unique space. For more information on the SoleSensor and Scanalytics, contact us here for a free consultation.

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