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Retail Reactions: Consumers' Intrinsic Expectations

Posted by Joe Scanlin on 4/23/14 7:21 AM

Technology has an uncanny ability to influence our cognition. Take accessing the Internet for example. A few years ago, taking five or ten minutes to hop on the Internet wasn't considered abnormal. Heck, we were even OK with dial up's accompanying sounds that could be described as a baby Transformer teething. Today, taking longer than a couple of seconds could result in an immediate spike in blood pressure. The point being, technology has its way of decreasing our attention span all while increasing our expectations of a quality experience as a consumer. Essentially, we expect more for less, and if you can't provide that for us, we will find it somewhere else.

This pattern exists outside the world of connected devices as well. We take these expectations with us as consumers in the physical world. Only problem is, physical retailers are limited in their ability to imitate the reaction time that the internet provides for e-commerce storefronts. There has been some technology that has spilled over to the physical world to help close this gap.

First, brick and mortar retailers were introduced to technologies that would allow them to understand when consumers were in specific spots of the store for targeting. Be it with cameras, staff members, RFID or leveraging geo-spatial data queries, retailers began having access to a wealth of data around their customers. Having access to a mass amounts of data and knowing how to translate that into actionable insights are two different things.

Understanding where customers are in some form of confident granularity has been a huge step forward, but the missing link on closing the loop for successful conversion potential in the store is the ability to autonomously react when that interaction is happening in real-time. The Scanalytics team is particularly passionate about driving that innovation to the growing analytics ecosystem. We saw that most of the work being performed on the data that was being captured was that of after-the-fact observational. Simply put, the data analysis was providing suggestions for what to do in store based on consumers that had come and gone in hopes to capture their attention when they return. In parallel with e-commerce experiences, the time the consumer is making the decision to purchase is the exact time that a dynamic environmental experience needs to ensue.

That's why we developed the Scanalytics Reflex platform. This extension to our high-granular consumer behavior system provides brands, retailers, and really anyone looking to engage their audience, with the opportunity to leverage that crucial moment when consumers are posed with a purchase decision.

We specifically built our intelligent floor sensors with the ability to interface with other technologies and mediums to deliver messaging. For example, after identifying what a particular "tipping point" might be in front of a specific product or display, our customers can intuitively set "triggers" for responses to that behavior. For instance, if the average consumer spends two and a half minutes looking at a particular TV, the retailer can set our system to deliver tailored messaging to the consumer like competitive pricing, start an informational video, or even text any nearby associates that may be able to help the consumer make a decision. All of this can be accomplished without identifying the persons name or personal information, making sure there is no invasion of privacy. Another takeaway is that our system is tracking all of these decisions in the back-end to be able to provide a report on how effective those marketing decisions or triggers might be. This allows for rapid organic growth on identifying and doubling down on what is truly effective in the marketing and messaging process.

Reactions are important. They exist to serve the most crucial and influential moments in a consumer's buying process. They are also unique. There is no cookie-cutter approach to building a dynamic environment to increase in-store conversions. Check out our product page and feel free to reach out and keep in touch to learn more.

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