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Patient Monitoring - Home Sensor Intelligence

Posted by KristiMKE on 5/13/14 4:06 AM

Admitting to yourself that a loved one can’t live on their own anymore is one of the most difficult realizations you can experience in life; deciding how to handle it is even harder. You never thought you would see the person you’ve looked up to throughout life become so vulnerable, and the responsibility of ensuring safety is suddenly passed on to you.


Ensure patient safety with Scanalytics SoleSensor technology Woman and senior man in retirement home

As a grandchild of two Alzheimer’s victims on the same side of my family, I had to see and experience the painful process first-hand. Each phase becoming even harder, we searched tirelessly to find a solution to delay advancement to that next level. I spent a summer in high school driving to my grandfathers house every day to take him out for lunch, make sure he took his medicine and keep the place up on household chores in an attempt to postpone the inevitable move to a nursing home. While I cherished the summer I spent with him, I still wasn’t able to keep an around-the-clock watch that his condition prescribed.

What if you could now keep an eye on your loved one throughout their whole day without worrying about having someone there? Scanalytics offers an innovative floor-sensor solution, the SoleSensor, that tracks movements of individuals through foot-traffic in physical spaces. This leading-edge technology provides you with real-time reports on patient movement, with customized email or text alerts to inform you of falls, visitors or exits, and any other irregular activity you wish to monitor.

The SoleSensor solution can be deployed in your loved ones home or nursing home to give you peace of mind without invading their privacy, having to remember to wear an item or making any adjustment to their regular routine. All metrics are funneled to an easy-to-use online dashboard that provides key insights on activities that might otherwise go unnoticed. For example, the sensors can monitor:

How many times a patient is going to the bathroom
Whether they’re remembering to take their medicine
How long they are sleeping at night
If they're eating on a regular basis

This data can be extremely valuable for early-detection and prevention of diseases by capturing analytics on the gradual change in daily activities. 75-80% of the diagnosis is revealed by the patient’s story, which is extremely important to collect when the patient might have a hard time remembering and they’re more susceptible to illness later in life. Keep your physician accurately informed of patient lifestyle by granting them access to your online dashboard, or by bringing in the reports to your regularly scheduled consultations.

The Scanalytics SoleSensor is a plug-and-play solution that is easy to install and requires no end-user maintenance. The floor sensors can also be disguised underneath carpeting for permanent solutions or under floor mats or floor graphics for temporary analysis so you can keep your home in the comfortable state you’re used to. Give your loved ones the independence they desire without compromising their safety in the process.

For more information on the Scanalytics SoleSensor solution, visit our website or contact us here for a consultation.

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