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Effective Use of Retail Product Displays

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 7/13/15 2:01 PM

Product displays enhance customer engagement and experienceYou walk past them in every store, sometimes noticing, and other times not giving them a single thought. They can be colorful, plain, or downright dazzling - like Coca-Cola’s World Cup POS display! But one thing remains true, product displays are a tactic to attract attention and ultimately influence you into that extra purchase.

An extremely valuable ingredient in the customer experience, product displays offer an opportunity to generate shopper engagement organically. As a retailer, how do you persuade the customer to spare an additional moment to examine a display? Here are a few simple ways to boost the visibility of your product displays in store:

Display Location

Pinpoint where your products are showcased throughout your store to see whether they’re optimally positioned for exposure. Are they visible to your customers from right perspectives at the right time? If not, consider other areas that are closer to the path of a consumer’s journey. The more frequently a path is taken, the higher the probability that the display in question will register in the shopper's mind.

Product Pairing

Examine which products complement each other and the unique paths shoppers take in reaching them. Identify the items purchased in the same trip through point-of-sale (POS) data, and dig deeper to discover which product was picked up first that sparked the idea of a complementary purchase. Strategic placement of related products along the same consumer path will lead to increased transaction sizes.

Reposition Displays Monthly

Keep your customers interest by continually rearranging displays. Static store layouts bore your most loyal returning customers, so don’t be afraid to move things around every month for a fresh experience. Seemingly new visuals will surprise and intrigue shoppers, making them want to explore and find new products.

Use of Color

Consider the emotions your brand's colors invoke in you, and what they instill in your store's visitors. Use bold accent colors like red and yellow to grab attention. Red is associated with stopping, so use this to your advantage and use accent colors in 20% of your store. Also, make sure there is a proper balance between the amount of color you use and the text that lets the shopper know more about the product.

Concise Phrasing

Finding the right words to engage and keep the interest of your customers is key. On average, people interact with low-involvement good (chips, soda, magazines) product displays for 5 seconds before making a decision, so it’s essential to capture their interest with the least amount of words and the shortest amount of time possible. Shopper attention spans are finite (especially these days with limitless access to technology), so get to the point! Make the story of your product short and sweet, stating specific details to create emotional attachment to the product. Emotional attachment will increase probability of not only a transaction, but creating a returning customer.

Triggered Actions

Take customer engagement a step further by coupling “triggers” that activate when a shopper approaches, walks past or hesitates at your display to influence the decision-making moment. During this interaction, you’re able to provide more information about the value in your product, capture a passerby's attention and convert browsers into new customers. Triggers can be customized across any application such as signage, ambient devices or even the product itself through an API integration, such as the Scanalytics Enterprise SDK. These tools allow you to get creative with your messaging and add a delightful surprise to the shopping experience.

In closing, product displays are a great tool to amplify brand messaging and boost your product’s exposure and engagement. Whether you’re a small growing business or a large global enterprise, applying effective product displays is a key element in creating and satisfying the customer experience.

About Scanalytics

Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 10 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

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