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Fitting Rooms: The Customer Sweet Spot

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 5/4/15 10:08 AM

Fitting rooms enable customers to interact with products more freelyFitting rooms have a somewhat misunderstood reputation with brick-and-mortar retailers. They are more often than not the deciding point in a customer’s journey through the retail space because they provide the opportunity to try on and interact with the product. According to an article published in Retail Customer Experience titled “Are Retailers Under-Valuing The Importance of Fitting Rooms?” customers who use a fitting room are 71% more likely to buy a product than those simply browsing the store. The article also states that customers who use fitting rooms buy twice as much merchandise as those who do not use a fitting room, making it clear that this step in the customer’s journey through a store is of utmost importance.

The problem most retailers face with fitting rooms is the difficulty in maintaining constant interaction with customers who make it to this step. Once the customer closes the door, it’s hard to continue communication without straying into “annoying employee” territory. In an article titled “Learn Why Fitting Rooms Matter,” author and CEO of Alert Tech Marge Laney states, “It is in the stores best interest to invest in the quality of the total fitting room experience. When the fitting room experience reflects a commitment to excellence, customers will be more likely to take advantage of the fitting room and make more purchases.”

With these facts in mind, it is now up to retailers to take action and pour more energy into fitting rooms. Employees should be trained to initiate action upon seeing customers holding products of interest and make the effort to strategically guide visitors to the dressing rooms. Employees who learn to identify and act on certain customer behaviors optimize engagement and conversions for their store.

Unfortunately, learning behaviors and patterns is not always enough. Retailers must turn to new developments in technology to enhance their staff efficiency and reduce wait times. Fitting rooms should be outfitted with specific technology to enable real-time monitoring of occupancy and duration of those occupancies. Innovations like the Scanalytics SoleSensor can be applied to fitting rooms to enable easier customer-employee relations. This means more accurate observations and shorter wait times for customers to receive assistance.

Fitting rooms are one of the deciding factors for whether or not a customer makes a purchase. Depending on the quality of their fitting room experience, customers can either develop brand loyalty or be vastly disappointed. With a combination of the proper training and utilization of specific technologies, fitting rooms can be a hot spot for customer conversions.

About Scanalytics
Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 10 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

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