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Hackathons: Creativity Through Technology

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 6/2/15 2:06 PM

bigstock--D-Printing-Conference-At-Robo-62424176Hackathons continue to grow in popularity with unsurprising speed. Mainly known for creating new ideas in a matter of days, they allow students and professionals alike to plunge headfirst into projects without any constraints. Being off the leash means computer programmers, hardware and software developers, designers, and entrepreneurs have 100% free reign over what they create and how to develop it.

Products of these events are found all around us. Some of the most iconic technologies of the last decade are outcomes of hackathons. Take Facebook for example - their determination to further build out the ultimate social website hatched the “Like” button as well as Facebook Chat. Another service that has sprung out of the hackathon garden is GroupMe, a group messaging app acquired by Skype in 2011. Further evidence from Google who acquired the gesture recognition application, Flutter, back in 2013. These are just a few examples of the unlikely places you’ll run across hackathon developments.

Because of time constraints (usually ranging from 12-72 hours), participants must dive full-speed into their idea scheme with a clear objective of the desired outcome. Whether it’s creating the hardware or software, designing a business plan, or putting together the marketing campaign, each person on the team champions their specific vertical. An article titled “The Importance of Hackathons,” tells us that “These events are an opportunity to see the way different people approach coding problems or organize projects.” If you have ambitions to develop a team around your idea, starting through a hackathon is a good way of revealing opportunities that will speak loudly about your partnership.

Although the primary function is often to launch startups, emphasis is also placed on creativity. medium.com’s article, “WTF Is A Hackathon?” makes the point that, “Hackathons provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology.” It is true that these events are known for their fast-paced atmosphere, but this is actually the driving force behind the positive energy. In fact, it’s addicting. After all, without creativity we would all literally still be in the Stone Age.

Hackathons are a hot spot for new business opportunities and creative minds. They provide participants with the freedom to improve and expand upon their ideas, and do so in a creative, judgement-free space. Teamwork is of the utmost importance as well. Whether your team is a one-time thing or has plans for the future, hacking together is a chance to show how professional relationships might function. In all, contestants arrive with the goal of starting from scratch and ending with a working model. It’s a one-of-a-kind chance to come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality.

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