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How CTO's Are Changing The Business Game

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 4/9/15 11:12 AM

CTO's make big data readable to usersIf you’re in the business of delivering big data, then you know how exciting and sometimes chaotic managing the constant flow of information can be. And it’s not all about managing the data, either. Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) are in charge of the whole chain, including managing the data their company collects, dealing with technical issues, and developing new technological strategies and researching platforms that could yield epic improvements to their organization.

For Scanalytics in particular, the CTO is a pivotal role without which the whole orchestration would be ineffective. David Webber, current CTO at Scanalytics, is the company’s main source for information on how to expand upon the current methods of big data tracking and client’s source for questions and concerns on what and how they are tracking consumers. His skills and expertise help the company untangle the numbers and produce effective insights for their clients.

According to a recent article titled: “Cracking The Data Conundrum,” Adapting to big data technologies does not simply require deep understanding of next generation technologies and how they can reshape business, but also a change in leadership ambitions. That is exactly what Webber has been doing as CTO at Scanalytics. “I’m always interested in learning about and working with new technologies,” says Webber. “I want to take what I’ve learned here at Scanalytics and feed it to the academic community for the next generation of physicists.”

Webber says the best part of working as the CTO is the opportunities to explore something different every day. “Sometimes my job involves discussions with the hardware team about the kind of data our SoleSensors can deliver,” says Webber. “And sometimes it involves discussions with the sales team or customers about the results of an analysis.” It is clear that Webber is both highly knowledgeable in his field as well as serious about influencing the next generation of technology workers, two qualities that certainly make for an outstanding CTO.

Chief Technology Officers are responsible for delivering meaningful analytics to their clients. Number crunching and coding are only half the task. A deep understanding of the data and a strong ambition to change the business game are also part of the job. For Webber, being the CTO has only made his curiosity and excitement about his work grow, making him a seemingly unstoppable CTO. Webber holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics. In his spare time he enjoys playing video Role Playing Games (RPG) online with his long-time gaming group.

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