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IoT & Energy Efficiency

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 10/16/15 12:21 PM

IoT use has spread to reducing energy consumptionSmart technologies are bursting into the retail space with solutions speaking to brands on improved marketing efforts, customer engagement, and optimization of floor plans. But one question has risen out of the chatter: How can the Internet of Things (IoT) improve energy efficiency? Not simply for retailers, but for commercial environments and homes (smart or not) as well?

According to an article in govtech, energy efficiency relies heavily on identifying peak time of energy usage. An example being, air conditioning is more likely to be used on an extremely hot afternoon over the middle of the night when the temperature drops. Although we try to stay on top of it, the fact is that we can’t always be available to adjust when it comes to managing our energy consumption.

This is where the IoT can be extremely valuable as a manager (or team of managers), as the technology is specifically designed to automate daily tasks in a more efficient way. Smart thermostats analyze your behavior when adjusting the temperature, where they then assume management based on your preferences. Water tank sensors track the “health” of these machines and notify the owner when maintenance is required. Even smart floor sensors are being equipped to switch the lights when a person’s footstep is detected in a room.

How do all of these technologies solve the problem with energy efficiency? For starters, most are managed through mobile apps allowing you to track activities and receive notifications on your application, cutting down on time, money, and involvement of the user. Second, these technological innovations have become “intelligent” with the capacity to automate many processes. This enables you to finish specific processes more accurately and in less time than manual management, reducing the back-of-your-mind stress and heavily cutting down on energy usage. Further, automated alerts of potential issues reduces maintenance costs, cuts down on unplanned outages, and ultimately extends life of machines equipped with these sensors.

The value the IoT has brought to both business and home energy efficiency is infinitely expanding. Technologies available to us today are only the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the vision of our future. With the world’s eyes focused on energy conservation and saving the planet, the Internet of Things and its current (and potential) solutions might have arrived just in time.

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