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Maximizing Presence Detection in Retail Environments

Posted by Jason Prigge on 12/21/17 1:46 PM


Winston Churchill remarked, “We shape our buildings, and afterward they shape us.” His comments continue to resonate today in the field of urban intelligence. People spend about 90% of their lives inside buildings. Entering. Exiting. Passing through. Dwelling. The one constant in all of these interactions is the floor. With advanced presence detection in physical spaces, floors can tell the story of this foot traffic in a way that enables smart building capabilities and an understanding of consumer behavior within a physical space.

The knowledge gained by objectively and anonymously measuring people, how they move through spaces and what they do in the spaces they occupy can be leveraged to make more-informed business decisions and provide better customer experiences.

Presence detection technology integrated with a data analytics platform allows retail businesses, for example, to harness the power of physical space analytics. Collecting business intelligence on the way consumers interact with a store’s physical environment yields insights into what is and isn’t working based upon a visualization of traffic paths, dwell time and engagement. The result is an understanding of consumer behavior, engagement and experience.

Analyzing these key metrics allows retail businesses to understand their physical spaces in ways never before imaginable:

       - Pinpoint bottlenecks

       - Identify underutilized areas to redirect traffic and increase ROI per square foot

       - Schedule staff appropriately to accommodate the busiest time periods.

All of this can be accomplished simply by measuring how consumers navigate and interact with a space.

Scanalytics Inc. continues to pioneer advanced methods for interacting with physical environments.

What presence detection and predictive behavior analytics options are you currently leveraging to improve the ROI of your space?