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Visualizing the World Accurately

Posted by Jason Prigge on 1/10/18 6:14 PM


Applying spatial intelligence to visualizing the interior world more accurately allows you to understand your physical space in ways never before imaginable. Technology that measures the key metrics of spatial navigation and path integration of building occupants provides deep insight into predictive behavior analytics and occupancy recognition. 


When applied, this valuable data allows the managers of physical environments to more fully understand their spaces by unlocking insights into under-used assets and opportunities for maximizing square footage layout. The knowledge gained by objectively and anonymously measuring people, how they move through spaces and what they do in the spaces they occupy can be leveraged to make more-informed business decisions and provide better customer experiences.


In addition to revealing insights about movements, paths, engagements and general use, in the future, cutting-edge floor sensing technology will be applied to spatial enablement to reduce energy use in commercial buildings, thereby contributing to significantly improving energy efficiency by algorithmically broadcasting collected data to issue setbacks to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and lighting systems.


Are you ready to learn more about how this leading technology can help you more accurately visualize the usage of your space and increase your ROI? As a leader in spatial science, Scanalytics Inc. measures human motion trajectories to better understand journeys within and through spaces in an effort to create intelligent interior environments.


Let’s talk today. Book a 15-minute call at a time convenient to you. You’ll understand why Scanalytics Inc. was recognized by Cisco as the provider of the Best Smart Building Technology at Viva Technology in Paris, France.

 Learn how your company can more accurately visualize the usage of your space and increase your ROI.

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