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Floor sensors rise as retail data source

Posted by Jason Prigge on 1/29/18 9:54 AM


Measure. Analyze. Make Informed Decisions. 

Scanalytics Inc. was recently featured across national media for its innovative floor sensors that anonymously read a customer’s unique foot impressions and track that person’s entrances, exits, engagements and dwell time within retail, commercial and event spaces. Based on data collected over time, the floor sensors provide a retailer with valuable insight that can be applied to making informed decisions about store layout, staffing and promotions. The sensors can also be used in office buildings to optimize resources and reduce energy costs, to maximize tradeshow ROI, and in nursing homes to alert staff when residents step out of bed. 

In the case of brick-and-mortar stores, they are actively undertaking measures to better understand consumer habits in an effort to offset the impact of online retailers. 

Wheel and Sprocket (Wisconsin-based bicycle retailer) employs SoleSensors at store entrances to determine the number of customers entering each of its eight stores to help schedule staff. “That’s our biggest variable expense,” said co-owner Noel Kegel. “That sort of makes or breaks our profitability.” Additional data colleciton options he would like to implement in the future include measuring where customers spend most of their time and what products are popular. 

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Data-based Decisions.jpgScanalytics Inc. was recognized by Cisco as the provider of the Best Smart Building Technology at Viva Technology in Paris, France.