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Offline Engagement - The Touchpoint that Transpired

Posted by KristiMKE on 6/3/14 7:30 AM

Consumers strategize and analyze products throughout purchase journeyBrands are dependent upon positive customer experiences to sustain the offering they provide. While it’s never been simple to manage these touchpoints, technology developments over the past 10 years has made it increasingly difficult to control. Imagine handling your online website, social media accounts, mobile app, tv and print advertisement along with any other interaction represented on behalf of your brand. And this isn’t even considering what’s happening in your store.

According toICSC, 78% of purchases still being made offline, shouldn’t we take care to engage with consumers as they’re shopping in-store? In today's climate, the aforementioned touchpoints are critically important for driving brick-and-mortar visits, while competing channels are pulling them away as they’re consulted through mobile searches. What if there was a way to combat “showrooming” behavior without disabling a user-friendly environment?

Scanalytics REFLEX system is an interactive platform for live engagement with consumers in the physical world. This “trigger” platform is powered by the Scanalytics SoleSensor that measures foot traffic through pressurized floor sensors for insights on consumer behavior. Take all of your strategic messaging from the various touchpoints to create the optimal conversation with shoppers based on their micro-movements leading up to the purchase.

For example, consider the setting of a paint department in a local hardware store. While they experience 130 shoppers flowing through this department a day, only 55 of them end up purchasing paint or accessories. To assist them in their search, the hardware store set up a kiosk for customers to browse paint options and visualize them in their own homes which was used by 40% of visitors to the department. After monitoring consumer behavior around the paint samples and kiosks, the hardware store enabled their REFLEX platform that would offer a coupon to browsers after 4 minutes of searching. It discovered that consumers who already decided they were here to purchase engaged with the kiosk for 3 minutes on average, while shoppers who were just browsing typically spent 4 minutes and 30 seconds. By triggering a coupon at this specific time, they were able to incentivize and convert 20% of the “window-shoppers” who engaged with the kiosk to make a purchase in-store. This resulted in 6 additional purchases a day, and a 10% growth in sales for this department. 

Not only did REFLEX increase sales for the hardware store, it also improved the shopping experience for all that engaged with the kiosk for over 4 minutes. This interactive tool is an effective method for optimizing the big data insights collected from your consumer base, and actively promotes your dedication to customer satisfaction. REFLEX is completely customizable to accommodate your unique customer base, and  allows brands to evolve with the needs of their consumers. Other REFLEX triggers for this retail example include:

Activating the alternative lighting panels for paint samples when approached
Triggering an advertisement when customers walk by department

Alert staff members of waiting guests in real-time

For more information on the Scanalytics platform, get connected here.

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