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Pop-Up Stores: The Science Behind Spontaneity

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 5/29/15 9:15 AM

pop-up stores offer great opportunities to connect with audiencesThey seemingly come from nowhere, appearing for what feels like a split second then they’re gone. You will find them on the streets, in the middle of a mall, even a vacant building or lot, striking interest in the audience that quickly flocks to it. I am, of course, talking about pop-up stores. These unique tools are being quickly adopted by both online and offline businesses to gain a better grip on their current real-world audience and attract new customers.

Pop-up stores are a great way for businesses to interact with their clientele offline, and can take practically any form. A Shopify article titled, “Pop-Ups and the Future of Retail,” discusses KITH, a footwear brand with a store in New York City, and a large global following. Even though it was already equipped with a successful permanent location, KITH took their brand across the pond to Paris where they set up shop during Paris Fashion Week, affectionately calling their pop-up “KITH Coat of Arms Pop-Up”. The company’s main goal with this project was to give their European customers an opportunity to connect with the brand face-to-face, as well as meet other local footwear enthusiasts. Further, KITH partnered with bigger brands like PUMA to entice even more customers to visit the pop-up.

The idea of a pop-up store is intriguing, but it must be followed up by a combination of creativity and strategy. Brands must think of unique ways to showcase their product or service, while using appropriate media for continued interest in what they offer. In an article in Forbes titled, “Pop-Up Retailers: Must Know Details to Make Yours a Success,” CEO of PopUp Republic Jeremy Baras states, “Getting creative is key… It’s important to identify your brand and the story behind it… A pop-up allows merchants to be creative and tell a story.” Consider the aspects that make your brand unique and how it attracts your audience, then tailor your marketing to appeal to these audiences.

Sometimes being creative means breaking the rules. In some instances, the word “store” in the title doesn’t necessarily mean that the business needs to sell its product or service on the spot. Take ecommerce brand Bonobos, for example. Their solution to balancing online and offline retail was to create a hybrid of the two. Customers would make an appointment at one of Bonobo’s brick-and-mortar locations, come to the store to try on the products, and be able to place their order in-store and receive their purchase at home the next day. Other online retailers took things a step further by bringing their products to their customers, like eyewear retailer Warby Parker, who toured across the country in a bus, stopping at specific cities to set up shop. Pop-up possibilities are endless with the right creative minds and strategies.

Pop-up stores are a great tool to increase awareness and enthusiasm about your product. They come in all different forms, and can be orchestrated to cater to any market. Unique opportunities for creativity and strategic executions give pop-ups unlimited capabilities to communicate with the target market. Although it may appear casual and unplanned, designing a pop-up plan is a science, and when done right, can inspire unlimited changes and improvements to awareness and interest in the product.

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