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Real-Time Marketing for Brick-and-Mortar

Posted by KristiMKE on 7/14/14 12:43 PM

Retail analytics allow businesses to ably interact with customersAs any brand will tell you, a marketing strategy is highly dependent upon the level of understanding they have on their customers. While many get by with limited intel, brands are increasingly pressured to amplify their research efforts to discover what will keep consumers interested in their products and services. Customers have access to goods far beyond their local neighborhood these days, making competition fiercer than ever, and big data a viable investment opportunity.

Online analytics solutions have been measuring web traffic behavioral patterns for decades. Brands have the ability to optimize their strategies to engage and convert shoppers in real-time as they’re browsing their sites. Better yet, it’s all automated so they’re able to maintain a consistent brand image across customers while reacting to their navigation decisions.

Brick-and-mortar real-time marketing technology is still in its infancy, but Scanalytics is paving the way for “smart” auto-reactions through digital screenmedia based on analyzed behavioral data. Here’s a synopsis of how to turn your foot traffic into data and activate reactions to customer experiences:

1) Understand your customer 

Get to know your customers from the ground up. Take a look at what times they’re entering your store, what routes they’re taking, which products are most visited vs. purchased and how long it takes them to engage with an offering. Explore beyond the daily receipts and witness the process up-to-purchase, and how you can better fulfill their needs.

Whether it’s cost, quality, or convenience that brought them in, consumers are far more likely to be retained if you show them you’re actively listening. With Scanalytics SoleSensor technology, you can anonymously accompany your customers through their entire in-store shopping experience. Through the use of pressurized floor sensors, Scanalytics measures 100% of the traffic flowing through your space for true insights of consumers behavior with your brand.

2) Actionable data

Data is useless unless you can take action with it! Capture real insights to optimize your marketing and operational efforts for improved customer experience and brand loyalty. Valuable insights include:

-Busiest times of day to increase staffing
-Customer patience rate in queue

-Number of visitors who engage with digital touchscreens
-Capture rate of product displays
-Engagement time with product
-Number of guests who hesitate upon entry

Act fast with Scanalytics to collect all data in real-time to implement changes as-needed. All information is available through any connected device, and interpreted into easy-to-understand analytics.

3) Set your smart “triggers”

Take your actionable data a step further and enable smart “triggers” to engage consumers as they travel through your space. After collecting metrics on consumer foot traffic, the Scanalytics intelligent algorithms will help you identify opportunities to interact in-store through kiosks, digital signage, POS or staff notifications.

For example, you can set a trigger for your kiosk to activate an audio message when approached by a customer through the Scanalytics REFLEX platform. This will encourage them to engage with your in-store technology so shoppers are more conveniently finding assistance with less reliance on store staff. Marketing promotions can be predetermined here by establishing event-based triggers that are pushed out in-store when metrics are met by foot traffic.

Interact with customers at vital moments in purchase journey4) Influence decision-making process

In addition to audio, Scanalytics can also activate incentives through digital mediums to influence shoppers during decision-making process. Enhance your kiosk analytics by combining it with Scanalytics. One of the biggest challenges in-store digital technology faces is the ability to decipher between new users as the sessions are rarely closed out. Discover when a new individual begins, and where the optimal conversion time is in their engagement experience to influence a purchase.

Other triggered influences to activate include digital advertising, lighting or music, connected display products or self-checkout lines. For businesses that already have a foot traffic analysis solution in place, Scanalytics can enhance your insights through integrated intelligence with:


-Counting Sensors

5) Optimize through A/B testing

Finally an A/B testing solution for the physical world! Measure your marketing impact through controlled analytics testing for true understanding of consumer experience. Compare insights across campaigns, product promotions, new technology, staff changes and floorplan design to identify what strategies prove most successful with your target market. Scanalytics also allows you to tie in your online branding solutions for a complete omnichannel analysis of your marketing strategy.

For more information on Scanalytics, request a demo to see how to optimize consumer experience in your space. 




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