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Reverse Showrooming - The Opportunity for Retailers

Posted by KristiMKE on 8/26/14 10:52 AM

Showrooming enables customers to handle product before online purchaseFor retailers who rely heavily on their brick-and-mortar sales, “showrooming” has been a major cause of concern over the past few years. Consumers are able to visit the store to check out the product in-person, and your risk is that they’ll hop online and find it for a fraction less on your competitors site. Doesn’t seem fair; you’re stuck with the overhead of staging a showroom for consumers to visit, while the lean ecommerce site ends up with the sale. Instead of trying the same strategy over and over again expecting different results, fight back by taking advantage of your opportunity in having them at your store!

Reverse showrooming, or “webrooming” is when a consumer conducts shopping research online then goes into a store to actually make their purchase. Consumers want to interact with the physical product before committing, and are unable to have this experience while shopping online. Key facts found by Merchant Warehouse on webrooming vs showrooming are:

23% of consumers don’t want to wait for delivery


46% like to go to a store to touch and feel a product before buying it


- Nearly 80% of local mobile device searches turn into purchases, almost 90% of those being in-store


85% of millennial shoppers research product before making a purchase


- 54% believe a knowledgeable sales associate is #1 in compelling them to purchase in-store


So stop fighting it!
The retail marketplace is growing, and to stay competitive you need to put the customer first. Discover where your opportunities are to convert shoppers and how to improve on your weaknesses. One of the most crucial strategies to have in place for this day and age is an omnichannel marketing plan. Marketing Land highlighted a MIT report, Beyond the Checkout Counter, where they found that 80% of store shoppers check prices online and 1/3rd of them are doing so on mobile in-store. If consumers are interacting with your brand online while in-store, make it easier on them by offering free wifi to assist in their research. Give your shoppers a clean and consistent experience across all channels by unifying your brand message.

85% of millenial shoppers research product before making a purchaseCreate a dynamic experience
As stated above, more than half of customers appreciate a knowledgeable sales associate that can assist them in making a purchase. A consumer might walk in knowing that they want a TV, but they’re looking for an expert to explain to them exactly where they’ll get the best return on their investment.

Consumers are also looking for an opportunity to interact with the actual product before unwrapping it at home. Product displays are a great opportunity to engage shoppers in such a way that they can handle the product and visualize using it for themselves.

A useful tool for keeping consumers off your competitors sites in-store is to deploy your own digital displays that they can engage for further information on your product. This allows you to assist more customers at a time, and satisfy those that prefer to interact digitally.

Incentivize in-store
Once they walk in the door, the hardest part of customer acquisition is behind you. They’re there for a reason, and you need to demonstrate that you understand their needs and appreciate their business.

Scanalytics provides a platform that allows you to incentivize consumers in-store through integrated digital connections. Our SoleSensor, an intelligent floor sensor that tracks behavioral movement, can measure foot traffic surrounding a kiosk and activate real-time messages to invite customers to engage, suggest new products or offer strategic coupons based off of their length of engagement. This allows you to connect with the consumer during that crucial decision-making moment leading up to the purchase.


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