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Scanalytics Challenge at Launch Milwaukee Weekend

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 5/13/15 8:19 AM


Scanalytics has partnered with Launch Milwaukee to propose a challenge which will be held during Launch Milwaukee Weekend. The Scanalytics Challenge is an opportunity for participants to create an innovative experience in a physical application using the SoleSensor, an intelligent floor sensor that captures analytics on footsteps and activates “triggered” actions through the SDK platform. Those who participate will have the opportunity to become a solution in the Scanalytics Marketplace, and the first place winner will be the featured solution at our next trade show exhibit. Each time a client selects your integration, Scanalytics pays you a royalty for the service, including revenue on recurring subscription cycles.

There is absolutely no limit to these creations and no experience level necessary. All participants need is a creative mind and a passion for technology innovation. Just remember to bring your best ideas and positive attitude!

Scanalytics is also offering an opportunity for corporate brands to join in on the fun. The Corporate Challenge allows companies to create an interactive experience, owned and unique to the brand. With big data rising in popularity among companies as they learn how to effectively communicate with their customers, it’s time to bring your ideas to the next level. Build your integration in a single weekend by partnering with not only the event, but the powerful minds that come with it.

Launch Milwaukee is a 54-hour event where hardware and software developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and makers come together to discuss ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. Held at the Historic Pritzlaff June 5-7, the event will run round-the-clock and be complete with beverages, snacks, and plenty of games for those necessary breaks. Head to the hackathon page for more information on how you can get in on the action! Still have questions? We have answers. Contact us today!


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