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Software Developers: Application Architects

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 3/2/15 12:23 PM

Mobile app technology has revolutionized project management and business interactionsSince its inception, the iPhone or Android device application, or “app”, has become an extremely popular tool for both social and professional uses. “The average mobile consumer checks their device 150 times a day,” states world-renowned analyst Mary Meeker. Its simplicity and accessibility make it a perfect supplement for managing projects, networks, or something as simple as a recipe book. The development of the smartphone app has revolutionized the way the world looks at daily tasks.


But what about the architects behind the app? What does it take to put it all together? 

At Scanalytics Inc., Aparna Rao, a Software Developer, is working hard to ensure the successful launch of the supplemental app for the Scanalytics Dashboard, an online platform where clients view data collected by the SoleSensor. Her skills and expertise are part of what make her a vital part of the development of the app.

Rao has always been interested in software development. She says the best part is being able to create something that can be used by most of the general public. Her work at Scanalytics has been dedicated to the development of the Dashboard app for iOS, which will be used for setting up and testing SoleSensor devices. Rao has also had a hand in the creation of an app for Android users, which is already being utilized by clients for installation.

When asked about the significance of this new app, Rao says that developing the app will help the users understand the meaning of data that the SoleSensors are generating. ”It will give them (users) a visual on a number of things that they are interested in such as people's behavior, number of people and their preferences, and rush hour times.”  Rao also mentions users would be able to personalize their dashboard to view the information most important to them, an excellent feature in an age where consumers crave personalization.

The territory of software development is one that many people steer clear of for fear of information overload, but for those brave enough, it is a world of infinite opportunity and exploration. For Rao, working with Scanalytics has allowed her to expand her knowledge and continue on her journey toward becoming a technical lead. She discloses that she plans to apply the SoleSensor to her home, using it to assure home security and assist with automated tasks such as opening windows or turning lights on/off. Currently a student at UW-Milwaukee, in her spare time Rao enjoys cooking and catching up on a good book.

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