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The Best Way to Increase Booth Renewal

Posted by Maggie Parker on 11/14/16 11:16 AM


As an event organizer, your goal is to establish your events as the industry hub for knowledge and connections that the market players look forward to experiencing each year. To develop this status, or maintain it year after year, you must ensure that you’re locking in the support and presence of the influencers in your industry. The best way to renew these relationships for your next event is delivering them a profitable experience at your current show. This relies on registered attendees and the opportunity to direct them to their booths.Scanalytics-Event-Resources-Image.jpg

For some, this may be their first time exhibiting at a trade show, in which case they’re likely unsure how to draw traffic into their branded environments. For others who have exhibited at trade shows before, they may be looking for new ways to attract visitors and stand out on the expo floor. Help them accomplish these goals by offering advice on driving foot traffic to their booths. Sending out a newsletter, email, or information kit with with tips and tricks is an effective way to help exhibitors succeed and increase the amount booth renewals you see at the following event.

With this in mind, here a few ideas for you to include when creating your newsletter or information kit about how to drive attendance:

Pre-Show Marketing

Before attendees even arrive at the show, many have already researched and decided which exhibitors they’re sure to visit. This makes pre-show marketing essential to bringing attendees to your booth. One example of effective pre-show marketing is direct mail to pre-existing customers. Include a QR that links to online content and a call-to-action to better engage the potential guest. Another example is to send emails that include videos or other creative, eye-catching materials. Appointment booking before the show starts is another way to ensure attendance as well as being active on social media. As event organizers, it is important to promote your event on social media with event hashtags that exhibitors can also use to promote themselves.

Booth Atmosphere and Experience

It is your job as an event organizer to have a site floor plan that is open and comfortable for guests and exhibitors. As an exhibitor, an important part of drawing traffic into your booth is to have an interesting and inviting atmosphere and environment. Encourage exhibitors to wear bright attire and have a positive attitude to attract guests. An “experience,” such as a photo booth, virtual reality, or an interactive kiosk, engages attendees and increases their interest in the exhibitor’s product. Another great way for exhibitors to have an inviting atmosphere is to have complimentary WiFi that guests can access after a call-to-action such as signing up for a newsletter or email notification, seating for guests to relax, and a charging station.

Product Engagement

Ultimately, exhibitors are at your trade show are looking to generate leads and increase interest in their products or services. Offer opportunities for them to get creative in these endeavors! Encourage your exhibitors to host or sponsor guest speakers from their companies, or develop their own in-booth seminars to generate brand awareness and interest in their company. Product samples are another effective way to increase booth foot traffic and allow attendees to directly test and engage with the goods. Lastly, announcing a product launch at the show is an enticing strategy to spark interest in attendees and also draw in media covering news at the show. People are innately eager to be one of the first to know about the new and exciting releases, and exhibitors should be encouraged to fuel that fire.

In the end, as an event organizer, in order to renew more exhibitors and have a successful trade show, you must ensure that your exhibitors are getting the attention and foot traffic they’re paying for. Higher booth attendance and excited attendees leads to better ROI for exhibitors, larger event marketing budgets to renew for next year, and happy event organizers!


About Scanalytics

Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 40 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

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