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The Business Value of Understanding Customer Flow

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 2/26/18 6:21 AM

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Every sole has a story to tell. 
Understand your physical space in ways never before imaginable with unparalleled insights using anonymously aggregated data from footsteps. 

Analyzing foot traffic delivers business insights. 

Every footstep in and through your business and exhibit spaces provides valuable analytic data about customer flow. 

What's the business value in understanding customer flow? 

• Improve business results by optimizing floor plans, increasing conversion rate, improving inventory management and understanding foot traffic. 

Reduce expenses by improving staff scheduling, store layout and energy usage. 

• Improve customer engagement by reducing wait times, interactive displays and triggering digital signage based   on traffic flow

Real-time traffic tracking, including dwell time tracking in front of key areas and displays, provides insight into directionality and traffic flow within a given space. This data provides the foundation for improving operations and enhancing customer experience, giving businesses a data analytics advantage to implement data-driven decisions to deliver ROI. 

IoT Intelligence at every step

With the mission of revolutionizing presence detection in physical spaces, Scanalytics Inc. is innovating high-fidelity analytics on consumer engagement and experience. Scanalytics Inc. smart building platform leverages sensor and IoT software solutions to anonymously gather information about how people are interacting within a physical space and converting that information into actionable data for companies to optimize their operations.

This valuable business intelligence allows companies to increase efficiency and improve operations. 

Scanalytics SoleSensor is an intelligent floor sensor that anonoymously tracks every step a customer or visitor takes. This data is processed in the cloud and sent to end users via data dashboards for analysis. Smart gateways powered by Intel® technology provide edge analysis that leads to real-time insights and alerts.


 Learn how your company can achieve compelling returns when you measure, analyze and make informed decisions. 

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Scanalytics Inc. was recognized by Cisco as the provider of the Best Smart Building Technology at Viva Technology in Paris, France.

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