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The Evolution of Smart Home Technology

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 2/23/15 2:30 PM

Smart home technology integrates security, entertainment, and environment elements for ease-of-use

Smart home technology is quickly becoming the next big thing in automated systems. Abilities such as room temperature control, lighting automation, and even reactive home security are now possible through the brilliance of engineers around the globe.

Because of the Internet of Things (IoT) - ordinary physical objects embedded with electronics that connect to the internet - household tasks have become less cumbersome and more convenient. It is not simply for convenience’s sake, however. Smart home technology has allowed for more comfort,  security, and energy efficiency for homeowners. 

Multiple industries, such as medical, retail and events, have already begun to take advantage of this technology. Healthcare for example, is applying it to patient rooms to ensure optimal care and accurate monitoring of patient activity.

There are some who have described smart home technology as a potential tool to help people change their behavior. Ideas have bounced back and forth relating to how users can configure this technology to benefit themselves in both the present and long-term landscape. Daily household activities such as going to the kitchen to make a snack, watching television, or doing laundry are all movements that can be tracked by smart home technology, which in turn provides residents with insights on their own daily lives, and which activities could/should be monitored more closely.

As smart home technology continues to grow, options for how to manage and control the household are also multiplying. Motion sensors, video cameras, and other devices have been implemented and experimented with in order to find which avenue of tracking works best. Scanalytics Inc. is working tirelessly to command the next phase of in-home behavioral technology. Thus far, Scanalytics has enabled its SoleSensor to track which areas of the home residents spend the most time in, and can now integrate with appliances and complete tasks with one step (literally!). Because of these insights, residents can now adjust systems to conserve energy and create a simpler interactive environment.

Through the use of the SoleSensor, people now have the ability to see their own behavior and take action to change negative habits such as overeating, electricity consumption, and water use. The buzz over energy efficiency and conservation is heightening, and now more than ever, people are determined to change their behavior to positively improve both themselves and the environment around them. Armed with Scanalytics SoleSensors, the world is one step closer to understanding how to successfully change their lives for the better.

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