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Latest news and insights on consumer behavior in the offline world

4 Simple Trade Show Technologies to Increase Attendee Engagement

Posted by Maggie Parker on 10/13/16 9:24 AM

Trade shows have been on the rise the past few years, growing 2.4% in 2016, with predicted accelerated growth in 2017 and 2018.  As more and more businesses start exhibiting at trade shows, it's important to arm booth with the right technology, not only to generate leads, but to engage your audience and create a more memorable experience for attendees. Nowadays, trade show exhibitors use some type of  technology, evening out the playing field between enterprise brands and small to medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it's important to invest in of the right expo technology to have a positive ROI on the show and for your company to stay in the race. 

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20 Things to Bring to Your Trade Show

Posted by Maggie Parker on 10/6/16 11:35 AM

Planning for a trade show can be an exhausting process that involves many moving parts spread out over several months. However, the end result will be enjoyable and profitable with a knowledgeable booth team and an energetic atmosphere around your exhibit. Whether this is your first time exhibiting or your hundredth, check out this quick list of things to bring with to make the most out your expo experience:

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4 Ways Exhibiting at Trade Shows Increases Success in Any Industry

Posted by Maggie Parker on 9/29/16 11:35 AM

The biggest problem that companies encounter when deciding whether or not to participate in a trade show is the high price tag. Exhibiting at a trade show takes time and money to prepare the exhibit, train staff, and then transporting the exhibit and staff to the location. However, don't let this scare you away. Exhibiting at a trade show is much more valuable that the hassle it seems to be. Not only will you create an opportunity to close deals and meet new prospective leads, but it can also be a valuable learning experience for your company.  

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How To Engage Customers Through In-Store Tech

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 11/25/15 2:06 PM

bigstock-Young-couple-in-consumer-elect-36361279.jpg So, you’ve brought customers into your store, the hard part is over, right? No! Now that they’ve arrived, your new goal is to entice them with your offering and chauffeur a path-to-purchase that presents correlating products to increase shopping cart size and satisfy their journey. Recent developments in smartphone tech and other digital innovations have made this more difficult as customers continue to browse other sites for the same products while in-store. There are many ways retailers can still effectively maintain shopper engagement, the key is finding which tactics and tools work best for your store.

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IoT & Energy Efficiency

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 10/16/15 12:21 PM

IoT use has spread to reducing energy consumptionSmart technologies are bursting into the retail space with solutions speaking to brands on improved marketing efforts, customer engagement, and optimization of floor plans. But one question has risen out of the chatter: How can the Internet of Things (IoT) improve energy efficiency? Not simply for retailers, but for commercial environments and homes (smart or not) as well?

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Connected Travel: Impact of IoT

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 8/12/15 1:09 PM

It’s 8am and Juliet, her husband Ken, myself, and Ricardo are sitting on the porch of the Queen of Diamonds Inn in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, munching on biscuits and gravy. We can literally feel the temperature rising with the sun. There’s a steady stream of people coming in and out of the main house of the Inn as they grab juice and coffee. Between mouthfuls of biscuit, Juliet swipes through her iPhone and comments on how the Inn’s ratings on Yelp are oddly different than what all four of us are currently experiencing (in other words, people on Yelp criticizing the biscuits and gravy don’t know what they’re talking about).

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Omnichannel Marketing: Innovation in Retail

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 7/30/15 12:10 PM

As the technological world continues to develop invaluable tools for retailers to further understand their customers, tech for shoppers is moving at an even faster pace. Technology has made it possible for customers to research, browse, and purchase items from almost anywhere whether it be at home, the office, or in between stores while at the mall using their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Omnichannel does not just mean digital, it encompasses all channels of communication between the business and the customer (i.e. email, social media, print, radio, tv, etc.). Each medium is seen as an opportunity to reach the company’s target audience.

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Customer Service as a Tool to Foster Brand Loyalty

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 7/24/15 12:22 PM

Great customer service creates trust and brand loyalty

Maintaining customer loyalty is the fuel to a successful business. Part of this process means creating appealing product displays and effective floor plans, or branching out into both online and offline retail, but what’s equally important is the value of great customer service. Navigating the retail world is as challenging as it is exciting, and with proper training and research into your specific market, the speed bumps on the road to success will become noticeably less daunting. Here’s how to use customer service to kick your brand loyalty into gear:

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Pop-Up Stores: The Science Behind Spontaneity

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 5/29/15 9:15 AM

They seemingly come from nowhere, appearing for what feels like a split second then they’re gone. You will find them on the streets, in the middle of a mall, even a vacant building or lot, striking interest in the audience that quickly flocks to it. I am, of course, talking about pop-up stores. These unique tools are being quickly adopted by both online and offline businesses to gain a better grip on their current real-world audience and attract new customers.

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Big Data, IoT, And The Art Of Lying

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 5/21/15 8:54 AM

Once upon a time it was easy to get away with lying, and only experts in communication could understand and interpret when someone was being dishonest. Now, technology has passed even the traditional lie detector and has moved into using big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) - physical objects such as lights, appliances, and even floor sensors, that connect to the internet and take measurements on real-world activities - to debunk lies and squash false statements.

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