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Visit Scanalytics at Collision in Las Vegas May 5-6

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 4/22/15 1:08 PM

CollisionConfCollision, a leading US technology conference and sister conference of the European tech conference Web Summit, will be held May 5th and 6th in Las Vegas, NV. Collision brings together some of the world’s latest and greatest technology startups, industry leaders, and business professionals. The conference aims to be a meeting place for any entrepreneur building the company of tomorrow, as well as servicing the major companies of today.

Scanalytics Co-Founders Matt McCoy and Joe Scanlin will make an appearance at the show with the purpose of shedding more light on the innovative SoleSensor as well as networking with big players in the technology industry. Stop by the Scanalytics booth to see this bold piece of technology and visualize how the floor sensor is revolutionizing presence detection in the physical world.

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