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Why Buy? The Purchasing Journey

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 3/11/15 12:56 PM

Customers experience the purchase journey on a daily basisA customer’s excursion through a store is almost never on a whim. Practically all customers in every store are there for one reason: they need something. Whether it’s a set of headphones or new pair of socks, consumers are driven by their need for a certain product or service. Most consumer goods industries have a physical presence which plays a major role in the purchasing journey, and now, even with the increasing popularity of online shopping, the purchase process remains remarkably the same. Although it may seem like a simple process, buying a product is no quick decision. 

So what is the purchasing journey? How can customers use this process to become a more informed buyer? The answer is surprisingly simple.

 It all starts with knowing what you want and which aspects you need.

Before even setting foot in the store, however, customers begin researching products and options, turning to friends, coworkers, and various forms of advertising and public sources to gain knowledge of what the best option is for them. Simultaneously, these potential purchasers weigh alternatives and other options that may be less costly to them financially, mentally, or even physically.

Once the right amount of research has been conducted and alternatives have been considered, the next step is a visit to the store with the goal to purchase the product. Afterwards, many times without realizing it, customers conduct a post-purchase evaluation, or a review of how well the purchased item fits into what they expected and what they needed.

We seldom think about what goes into our buying habits and how we arrive at our purchasing decisions. We’re already accustomed to our own behavior, so breaking it down into steps hardly crosses our minds. But what if more people were conscious of their own buying behavior? Would it lead to more informed decisions and overall smarter action? Next time you’re in the store, take a moment to truly think about the decisions you’re making. Did you do your research? Did you ask around? Did you consider alternatives? Shop smart and informed and improve your own purchasing experience by understanding how it works.

Find Scanalytics at booth 943 at This Year’s SXSW Interactive Trade Show

Scanalytics Inc., headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, will be exhibiting for the first time at the 22nd South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. March 13-17. Showcasing the new and improved SoleSensor, an intelligent floor sensor that measures foot traffic and customer behavior insights through physical spaces, Scanalytics is excited to be making its premiere at SXSW and looks forward to the inspiration and tools to be gained from attending the conference. The Scanalytics booth will also feature an interactive demo video that triggers upon approach, and a full SoleSensor grid measuring your every step in the booth! Find us at Startup Central at booth 943, located steps away from the bar :)

SXSW Interactive is a cornerstone for emerging technologies and digital creativity, featuring five days of presentations, panels and workshops hosted by some of the brightest minds in the technology industry.

For more information on Scanalytics, visit scanalyticsinc.comFor more on SXSW Interactive, visit sxsw.com/interactive/our-story.

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