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4 Ways to Improve the Exhibitor Experience

Posted by Maggie Parker on 10/28/16 2:40 PM

As an event organizer, the most important thing you can to do to increase revenue from your events is to make sure that exhibitors take home value from your event. This starts with a positive experience for both exhibitors and attendees so they are attentive to building relationships from the trade show. It has been statistically proven that 80% of future revenue will come from existing custConvention-Center-Blog-Scanalytics-315615-edited.jpgomers and that 70% of customers leave because of poor customer service. Building relationships and value with exhibitors is essential to their continuous support and participation. In order to create the best exhibitor experience possible, here are 4 things to focus on when planning your next event:

  • 1. Streamline the pre-show process

Before the show even begins, it’s imperative that all exhibitors feel confident in their ability to succeed at your trade show. This starts with the impressions you make while exhibitors are considering the opportunity, which is highly influenced by process to sign up. I was astounded to find that 50% of online visitors leave when they are asked to go through an unclear registration or payment process. To avoid this massive blow, your registration, billing, and listing processes should be as simple as possible to encourage exhibitors sign up. Having a straight-forward process will also help the exhibitor feel that they’re in good hands and are dealing with an organization that knows what they’re doing.

Another part of the pre-show process is pre-show marketing. If exhibitors simply show up to an event without any sort of marketing buildup, it’s likely they will arrive feeling uncertain about the quality of event they’ve gotten into. Helping exhibitors promote themselves to their clients and your potential attendees is an important aspect of the exhibitor experience that you should provide. Consider sharing promotional email templates that can be distributed by the exhibitors to their networks, providing press lists of media contacts attending the event, offering premium sponsorship levels to engage attendees before the trade show, or share pre-created social media posts that can be automated by the exhibitor as a few of the ways you can get the ball rolling on your pre-show marketing promotion.

2. Advanced floor planning and booth design

Exhibitors are afraid of being neglected or left out due to a poor floor plan layout. It’s necessary to have a well-thought-out floor plan developed before inviting exhibitors to register for your trade show. Expo designs that maximize space and direct traffic flow in a way that maximizes exposure for every exhibitor on the floor will perform exponentially better for your customers. Exhibitors are also seeking floor plans that can be backed up by data or proven effective at past events, so make sure to do your research when planning. It’s also important for your exhibitors to have engaging booth designs to pull attendees into their space. Some may not know where to start, so try sending them case studies of booth designs that you’ve seen succeed in the past along with a list of reliable vendors that can help create a great design so they don’t regret it after the show.

3. Technology

Though it may seem obvious, technology offered by the event itself is essential to enhancing the success and experience of exhibitors. There are many different technologies you can offer. One example is mobile apps. They can manage and share detailed schedules and help attendees and exhibitors organize their time to get the most out of the experience. A couple fun examples of event-wide technologies you can deploy are a twitter wall of live social posts or a heat map of the event traffic. A twitter wall will display all event tweets using a specific hashtag, and encourages social media use by both exhibitors and attendees to get their name on the screen. Heat maps are also growing in popularity, and are displayed on large screens to show where attendees are during the event, signaling important demos or presentations in real-time to your audience. This encourages exhibitors to find creative ways to draw a large crowd and help attendees find the hot exhibitors by existing traffic demand.

4. Drive attendance

Overall, the primary thing that determines whether or not exhibitors leave the show happy is their ROI from your event. In order to increase ROI for exhibitors, you must secure high registration of relevant attendees and drive those opportunities to their booths. One way to do this is to encourage freebies among your exhibitors. Suggesting tying freebies to signing up for an email, taking a posting a picture with a specific hashtag, or taking a survey to not only bring people to booths, but also generate leads in the process. You also need to stay active on social media during the event. Create hashtags for the exhibitors to tweet, and get a team together that engages with the active promoters in real-time. This is a great way to get your exhibitors involved on social media and to bring traffic to their booths. If you’ve invested in an event app, remind attendees that they look up the exhibits they’re interested and discover new innovations that can be found on the floor. Another popular tactic is promoting an event-wide contest. Visitors might be issued a passport and the person that has the most stamps from different exhibits takes home the big win. Or, each exhibit could have a hidden feature that attendees have to look for and the person that first finds and posts the most pictures with the hidden features on social media wins the glory and prize.

In the end, happy exhibitors create profitable shows and lead to more profitable shows again in the future. Keeping your exhibitors happy by improving their experience before, during, and after your show is essential to creating positive relationships that will benefit you and your company for years to come.


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