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5 Digital Marketing Tactics for Event Organizers

Posted by Maggie Parker on 11/18/16 12:49 PM

As more and more people are connecting through social media and online forums, events are creating new, interactive and immersive ways to develop relationships with their industries through digital marketing. Digital marketing enables business and consumers to connect in an informal and memorable way that inspires interest and develops loyalty with a brand. An amazing 74% of consumers said they were more likely to buy a product after interacting with it through a digitally branded experience, found by EventTrack in study earlier this year.


With ROI driving the success of your event, it’s crucial to develop and deliver a digital marketing strategy that drives foot traffic to your sponsors and exhibitors. Here are a few affordable and effective digital marketing ideas for event organizers to boost the value of their shows:

Event Hashtag

Develop a specific hashtag for your event! This will help people to discover the opportunity early-on and share the unique experiences they had at the show. Make sure exhibitors are aware of and encouraged to use the hashtag in their event marketing promotions so they can reach a wider and help boost awareness around the event.

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting (with the event hashtag!) at your events allows people to engage directly with you as the organizer, connect with other attendees, and learn about the different activities going on throughout the show.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Creating a LinkedIn or Facebook group before your event allows sponsors, exhibitors and attendees to create connections in a comfortable, informal environment before the show even starts. These groups are extremely valuable for people to research participating companies, schedule meetups and spread news about activities at the event.

Event Apps

Similar to groups, event apps allow attendees and exhibitors to connect before, during, and after the event. Apps can have a full event schedule, making the experience more convenient, supply a meeting planner, and notify attendees when a special event or activity is taking place.


Currently sweeping the internet are videos of people striking and holding “mannequin” poses while someone films the seemingly frozen moment. Simple videos like this take little time to make are extremely effective in generating excitement and interactive engagement at an event. Just 10 minutes of silly filming can turn into a viral marketing accomplishment that reaches millions and develop a new level of demand for your events in the future.                                                                                          



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With over 40 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

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