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5 Ways Commercial Builders Are Benefiting from the Use of IoT

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/30/18 3:00 PM



The IoT provides actionable data that building owners and administrators can use to their benefit. Data is important for buildings the be safe, healthy, and high-performing. Traditional data collection falls short of fully optimizing building performance; and this is where the IoT comes in with its ability to gather and communicate data in real time at the granular level. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of the IoT and improve your data collection.

Energy Utilization

Energy is one of the costliest factors in commercial buildings, and most of that energy is wasted. Tracking energy utilization data not will not only save a pretty penny, but it will increase efficiency and the building’s sustainability.

Many pieces of equipment can be monitored with a small sensor. This will help you find out what equipment uses energy most efficiently, and what isn’t quite as efficient or needs a little help. These sensors can actually be used to predict breakdowns and maintenance; thus, you can decrease downtime or unplanned issues while monitoring your energy consumption.

The equipment can also alert engineers and managers in real time to an issue, so that faulty electrical appliances don’t spend time drawing more power than normal and wasting exorbitant amounts of money. Knowing about issues ahead of time will save energy and prolong the equipment’s lifespan at the same time.

Indoor Air Quality and Temperature

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, can be evaluated through multiple characteristics. Polluted indoor air is unhealthy and even dangerous for the building’s occupants, so knowing the IAQ at all times is vital for operating commercial buildings. IAQ sensors can monitor and report data in real time: the concentration of volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, ground-level ozone, allergens and even air particulates are just a few things these sensors collect data on. Sensors can also monitor a building’s HVAC systems to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Indoor temperature is another factor that directly affects a building’s occupants, and it contributes most to the occupants’ comfort and happiness. Uncomfortable temperatures lead to decreases in productivity and increased complaints; it can even damage a builder’s reputation or, in worst case scenarios, cause legal trouble in certain states. Combining HVAC system performance data with temperature sensors will help monitor, control, and automate building temperature based on its occupancy, saving you time and trouble.


Commercial buildings can be a target for crime and attacks; that’s why it’s vital to have adequate security for the safety of occupants and all property. IoT-enabled sensors and beacons can be used to provide information on individuals and activities at entrances/within the building in real time. Even more, the IoT can provide data on the location of assets, it can identify and track individuals, and it can monitor security guards for full, comprehensive safety of any building.


The IoT can monitor and track all your utilities: water, electricity, gas, and sometimes, even steam. You can find data on supply, usage, and bills to help ensure proper utilization and efficiency of your utilities and help make future decisions. Digital meters can also track how each facet is used in relation to the billing period.

Different types of monitors can also provide data on reservoir levels. This can help builders keep an eye on reservoir volume in real time and protect the building against supple shortages.


Smart technology can be used to provide alerts to executives for events as they occur. These timely alerts ensure quick intervention and correction of any unforeseeable problems, and help decision makers monitor all aspects of building and business at the same time–without exerting too much effort.

The IoT brings revolutionizing technology to help monitor, control, and optimize any building. Scanalytics Inc can help provide you with the smart sensors and analytics to ensure your business isn’t missing out on the data and information it needs. For increased safety, comfort, and ease, adopt the fast and affordable applications of IoT, and use Scanalytics to find and track data for the betterment of your building.




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