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Supercharge Your Exhibit

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 3/6/18 9:35 AM


take advantage of analytics to better understand attendee behavior


Events continue to generate the highest ROI for marketing 

With the growing emphasis on experience marketing, business intelligence on visitor behavior is a key differentiator in increasing ROI. Exhibitors prove and improve tradeshow ROI by measuring how many attendees a booth attracts and the quality of engagements at each event. 

 Create experiential environments. Bring booths to life by activating products, displays and lights to engage attendees in real time. 

 Improve exhibit floor plan. Maximize each square foot of space by simply measuring how attendees navigate  through and interact with an exhibit. 

 Optimize event marketing impact. Supercharge your event strategy by discovering which tradeshows, promotions and featured products perform best. 

A study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research uncovered that 77 percent of trade show attendees are potential clients and 82 percent of attendees have buying authority in their company.

Compare event-to-event peformance. Identify where to allocate marketing dollars based on which events provide the best ROI. 

Optimize booth floor plan. Pinpoint bottlenecks or underutilized areas to redirect traffic and increase ROI per square foot.  

• Activate demos and displays. Trigger displays to activate the moment an attendee approaches to enhance booth engagement and experience. 


Real-time detailed reports

Real-time traffic tracking, including dwell time tracking in front of key areas and displays, provides insight into directionality and traffic flow within a given space. This data provides the foundation for improving exhibit layout and enhancing customer experience, giving businesses a data analytics advantage to implement data-driven decisions to deliver ROI. 

Scanalytics Inc. SoleSensor is the leading technology delivering high-fidelity analytics on consumer engagement and experience. Scanalytics Inc. platform leverages sensor and IoT software solutions to anonymously gather information about how people are interacting within a physical space and converting that information into actionable data for companies to optimize their operations.

Learn how you can maximize your next exhibit with advanced analytics. 

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Scanalytics Inc. was recognized by Cisco as the provider of the Best Smart Building Technology at Viva Technology in Paris, France.

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