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Latest news and insights on consumer behavior in the offline world

A Newbie’s Experience with Scanalytics and Consumer Behavior Tech

Posted by Rolando Kahn on 2/17/15 7:18 AM

As a newcomer to Scanalytics Inc., the task of learning the ropes of the consumer behavior industry seemed daunting at first. However, as my first week came to a close, I found my groove surprisingly fast and am already in a much more knowledgeable position than I was a week ago. I am fascinated by all of the new information and impressed with the group of intelligent and talented people that help make it work. Just in my first week, the team has already broken new ground in development of retail analytics by increasing the viewable details in their client dashboard, allowing users to observe more in-depth information on their customers’ behavior. As I continue to expand my knowledge of this industry, I am excited to watch and participate as this unique technology takes flight.

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Visualizing Big Data: Introduction to ROOT

Posted by David Webber on 5/2/14 4:29 AM

It was my pleasure to present "An Introduction to ROOT" at the Madison Big Data meetup on Tuesday. ROOT is a set of open-source object-oriented data analysis frameworks designed for power and scalability to large datasets. ROOT is heavily used and developed by the particle physics community (see root.cern.ch), but it's well suited to the exploration and analysis of any large structured data set. Besides particle physics, ROOT is used in astronomy, biology, finance, and medicine. I presented an introduction to ROOT with example scripts using sample "everyday" datasets.

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Startup Sales: Surpass Expectations For Less

Posted by Matt McCoy on 4/17/14 3:18 AM

Any entrepreneur, in any room, would be the first to stand up and proclaim to you the importance of solid business relationships. The foundation of all startups and corporations alike is the trust built between businesses and its consumers.

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