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5 Ways Commercial Builders Are Benefiting from the Use of IoT

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/30/18 3:00 PM


The IoT provides actionable data that building owners and administrators can use to their benefit. Data is important for buildings the be safe, healthy, and high-performing. Traditional data collection falls short of fully optimizing building performance; and this is where the IoT comes in with its ability to gather and communicate data in real time at the granular level. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of the IoT and improve your data collection.

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Topics: Data Analytics, energy conservation, IoT, Security

How to Amplify Efficiency in the Workplace Using the Internet of Things

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/4/18 11:33 AM


Rewinding a decade, it might be hard to imagine how you went about your day-to-day life without a smartphone. Today's marketplace, however, has evolved alongside rapid technological innovations, giving consumers access to revolutionary devices that far surpass the capabilities of cellphones: Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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Topics: Data Analytics, smart buildings, workplace analytics, IoT

6 Ways the Internet of Things can Impact the Workplace

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 9/25/18 12:00 PM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary technology that is transforming how people communicate, work, shop, research, and much more. When considering the impact of IoT technology on everyday life, we initially think of "smarter" phones, home appliances, cars, and fitness trackers -- but the possibilities and created by IoT infrastructure will far surpass the life of the everyday consumer. 

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Topics: Data Analytics, smart building, workplace analytics, workplace safety, IoT