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Top 5 Technologies That Will Help You Track Metrics at a Trade Show

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/22/18 8:30 AM


Accurately measuring your traffic is important to exhibitors and sponsors, as well as the trade show hosts themselves. An accurate traffic count can ensure that a sponsor or vendor wants to spend their marketing dollars on your event; traffic analytics can be the determiner on whether someone sees your show as successful or not. Unfortunately, hand counters at the show entrances, ticket check-ins, and ticket sales on-site only gives an estimate of true foot traffic and are outdated, especially if you have multiple ticket options. Technology is your solution to getting the most accurate metrics at a trade show. Best of all, these technological options don’t require a lot of staff. Here are 5 of the best technologies available to you to track metrics at a trade show.

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Technology is Revolutionizing Tradeshows

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 3/28/18 10:39 AM


Giving Organizers and Exhibitors the Tools to Interact on a much more Personal Level with Attendees


TRADESHOWS must compete with the rise of  digital marketing platforms

Trade show technology has evolved quickly from the historical trade show exhibition model (which remained unchanged throughout most of the 20th century). The current format leverages internet-based technologies. Trade show and exhibition professionals are mobilizing to take advantage of the new technological capabilities available to them in order to compete with the rise of social-based digital marketing platforms.


Historically, trade shows and exhibitions collected very little data from attendees. The technology to do so effectively just did not exist. Currently, advanced technology makes it possible for exhibition organizers to gather information about trade show attendees by using data-collection tools to mine specific information and insights. This information is then used to formulate strategies for increasing an exhibitor’s return on investment. For example, sensors that track attendee movements at an event provide valuable analytic insight into paths, engagements and dwell times. The insights gleaned from technology provide a  detailed overall picture of attendee behavior.



Technology is in the process of revolutionizing all aspects of the trade show and exhibition community by giving organizers and exhibitors the tools to interact on a much more personal level with individual attendees, thus putting them in a position to learn far more about their customers than was previously possible. Embracing new technology requires flexibility as current practices catch up to the evolution of the exhibition experience itself.


IoT intelligence at every step

Scanalytics SoleSensor is an intelligent floor sensor that tracks the steps of tradeshow attendees. This data is processed in the cloud and sent to end-users via data dashboards for analysis. Smart gateways powered by Intel® technology provide edge analysis that leads to real-time insights and alerts.


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