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The Value of a CMMS and the Importance of Real-Time Data for Your Business

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 11/8/18 1:00 PM

Data is a powerful asset for virtually every business. Data can inform processes, help identify inefficiencies and risks, and succor effective decision-making within an organization; enabling one to replicate workflows and capitalize on opportunities. In regard to operations and maintenance (O&M) within the commercial building space, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are certainly no exception.

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Topics: workplace analytics, CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System

A Short Guide to Determine the Right Energy Management Solution for Your Business

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/18/18 3:00 PM


Reducing the amount of energy you use in your business has numerous benefits. It saves money, can make your business more efficient, and also makes you look better to your customers. But achieving these goals is not as simple as buying all energy-efficient products in the marketplace and installing them in your business. As with everything else, you need to make sure that the energy management solutions you’re bringing in are right for you. 

Here are a few tips to help determine what you need and what are the best solutions for you:

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Topics: energy conservation, smart buildings, workplace analytics

How to Amplify Efficiency in the Workplace Using the Internet of Things

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 10/4/18 11:33 AM


Rewinding a decade, it might be hard to imagine how you went about your day-to-day life without a smartphone. Today's marketplace, however, has evolved alongside rapid technological innovations, giving consumers access to revolutionary devices that far surpass the capabilities of cellphones: Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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Topics: Data Analytics, smart buildings, workplace analytics, IoT

6 Ways the Internet of Things can Impact the Workplace

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 9/25/18 12:00 PM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary technology that is transforming how people communicate, work, shop, research, and much more. When considering the impact of IoT technology on everyday life, we initially think of "smarter" phones, home appliances, cars, and fitness trackers -- but the possibilities and created by IoT infrastructure will far surpass the life of the everyday consumer. 

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Topics: Data Analytics, smart building, workplace analytics, workplace safety, IoT

4 Reasons to Leverage Workplace Analytics for Space Utilization

Posted by Scanalytics Inc. on 9/18/18 10:16 AM


Accurate and reliable data is crucial to making effective business decisions. To cut costs and increase the efficiency of their business operations, many of today's enterprises have sharpened their focus on the actual use of space (AUS); generating metrics to gauge average occupancy levels and amount of space per employee. 

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Topics: smart building, workplace analytics