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WERCBench Labs Spotlight - Improovment

Posted by Improovment Team on 11/9/16 10:38 AM

Contributed by Improovment, a Scanalytics partner.

We just finished week 4 of the WERCBench Labs Program, and it just seems like last week we had the excitement of finding out we had been accepted to the program. After attending the inaugural WERCBench Labs Demo Day last fall, we immediately saw the value in the program and wanted Improovment to be a part of it.

Fast forward a year later and here we are - a part of the program. So far it has been great. The program has provided a framework to help us with the chaos of a startup. Currently, we are focusing on refining our value proposition through customer discovery. This requires us to get out of the office (I think the phrase we have heard the most so far is, “Get out of the building!”), talk to real customers, and interview them to learn about what their actual needs and pain points are. Following this process will allow us to identify which specific market we should be going after and what specific solution we should build for them.

The biggest benefit with the program thus far is the access to the large network of Companies and Mentors MWERC has provided in order to help us get our idea in front of as many people as possible. It is very difficult as a startup to instantly get connections and subsequent meetings with potential clients. By leveraging the MWERC network and using what we're learning from our mentors, we are able to greatly accelerate the process of refining our idea and implementing our solution at customer sites. We're excited about our progress so far and look forward to the rest of the program.

Chris Welker and Mike Cymerman
Co-Founders of Improovment

About Improovment

We provide an Internet of Things solution for Manufacturers by applying smart mat technology and analytics to give insight into the utilization and flow of their work cells and overall plant floor.

We are currently looking to interview Manufacturing Engineers, Operations Managers, Process Improvement Experts, and Plant Managers.  These are interviews not to pitch our product, but to learn about the market and its needs. If interested, we would appreciate meeting with you  for 20-30 minutes.

Contact Michael Cymerman at michael@improovment.us

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